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15' In-Ground Trampoline Kit

15' In-Ground Trampoline Kit

Trampoline not included

With this ring the trampoline is self standing in the hole, not back filled so the legs of your trampoline are buried or screwed into anything.  Because your trampoline is self standing you get more installation options.  You can have the trampoline flush with the ground, or you can lift the trampoline a couple of inches out for better air flow. Made from Corrugated Metal & carries a one year warranty.
Common Installation:
  1. Dig a hole 12-18 inches larger than the frame about 37" deep
  2. Assemble ring & drop in hole backfilling the outside
  3. Place weed barrier inside ring with 2" of gravel for water drainage
  4. Assemble trampoline
  5. Drop trampoline into hole
  6. Optional: Place bricks under the trampoline legs to lift it above ground

Our Price $1,868.90
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