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About Us

Pamela - Sales Manager Hi, my name is Pamela DeVore. I am the sales manager and daughter of the owner's, John E. Murdock, Jr., and Gloria Murdock. I am married and have 3 children. We are a family owned and operated business in every way with a great group of employees.
I would like to thank you for visiting our on-line store. We have been selling trampolines since I was 7 years old, (1975) out of our house in Orange, Texas. Dad & Mom have grown our company to world wide distribution. My brother Todd, our staff engineer (married with 1 child) he handles all the building of our replacement parts (mats & pads) and General Manager. My oldest brother Johnny (married) works throughout our whole facility in many capacities. Our parents (John & Gloria) have been married for 55 years this June. We are very blessed to have a family that has stayed together for so long. Our parents & us, have a deep gratitude for the Blessings of God (they are not taken lightly). We owe our business & success to God & you our many customers. Company Family

We have built our company on customer service & strive to make every customers experience a pleasant one, sometimes pleasing everyone today seems impossible but we try. Unfortunately business's/sales people seem to have lost the ability to just be nice, we hope you will find each of our staff friendly & knowledgeable, we strive for a good customer experience, if at anytime you are unhappy or happy and just want to share your feelings with me please email me I will be happy to hear from you. If there is something missing in our website that you feel would be beneficial let me know.

Company Warehouse

We have shipped trampolines all over the world to many people. I appreciate your time reading our little story. Together we will bring this wonderful business to many more people and more exciting times.

If you are ever on Interstate 10 between Houston & Louisiana, stop by & say you saw us ON THE WEB. We would LOVE to meet you. Thanks for shopping at TRAMPOLINE USA online & GOD BLESS!



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Employee Anniversary Celebration

It is not very often a company has employees that now days "stick around."  We are very blessed to have Beno for 17 years.  She started in our sewing department, July 10, 1998 when we were very small, working in very tight spaces and been with us through lots of changes.  Thank you, Beno for your consistent "on the job" work and thank you for putting up with our "get it done" attitude.  We appreciate you.

With Love, Management

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ORANGE, TX 77632
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