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In-Ground Trampoline Kits

In-Ground Trampoline Kits

In-Ground Trampoline Kits

This is not the cheap plastic inground kits where you have to put screws through your trampoline, which will void your warranty.  Then they have you bury your legs into the ground causing them to rust.  When you need to change the legs because they've rusted out, you'll have to dig out the legs and unscrew everything just to replace one leg.  Save yourself the trouble down the road and buy quality first.  This in-ground kit is 100% MADE IN THE USA!
  • No need for back filling the hole
  • Allows frame to be out of the dirt
  • Reduces possibility of rust
  • Freestanding wall allows easy removal of tramopline
  • Rubber cap provided for safe & attractive top
  • Retaining ring:
    • Only 6 pieces
    • Curved for easy installation
    • Stands 38" high
    • Accommodates full height of standard trampoline
    • Allows 2" of drainage

14' In-Ground Trampoline Kit
14' In-Ground Trampoline KitOUR PRICE $1,644.50
15' In-Ground Trampoline Kit
15' In-Ground Trampoline KitOUR PRICE $1,868.90