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16' Magic Canopy

16' Magic Canopy

If you are tired of cleaning debris and leaves from your Magic Cage, I have just the solution for you:

The Magic Canopy Top, made from trampoline cage material.
•Offers the ultimate in UV protection as your children jump and have fun
•Save precious time by stopping most of those annoying leaves and other debris from entering through the top of your Magic Cage
•Prevent many flying insects from bothering your children as they jump
•Provides a safe and clean jumping surface
•Great tent environment for camping out

As your children get older and taller, discontinue using the Magic Canopy if they are jumping so high that their heads touch the PVC frame.
**If there is significant snow accumulation, pull your canopy off or the poles could collapse.**

•Canopy top with all straps and buckles attached to secure it to the frame
•Pieces of elastic to tie PVC pipes together
•8 - 3˝" sleeves for the PVC pipe to fit into.

*Get your schedule 40 PVC pipe at your local hardware store. You will need 4 poles - 17' in length , ˝" in diameter. Purchase 4 - 20' lengths and cut 3' off each. If 20' lengths are not available, purchase 8 - 10' lengths and 4 connectors. Join 2 together using PVC glue before cutting off to be 17' long.*

List Price: $269.50
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