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5.5" Trampoline Springs

5.5" Trampoline Springs

Fits several brands including (but not limited to):





8' Hedstrom
6'6" Jump King 48
10' Jump King 72
10' Upper Bounce
6'6" Airmaster 48 TRD6AM
11' Jump King 60
12' Bounce Pro 72
12' Bounce Pro TR-12-COMBO
12' Variflex 137083
12' Variflex 148736
13' Sportspower 80 TRD13-SP-COMBO
13' Bounce Pro 72 TR-1564U-COMBO
13' Quest 148812
13' Quest 72 TR-136COM-FLX
14' Bounce Pro 72 TR-1686-TPR
14' Bounce Pro 72 TR-1463A-FLEX-FZ
14' Variflex 137536
14' Variflex 142059
14' Variflex 138472
14' Stats 72 TR-14COM-FLXTRU
14' Stats 72 5F60753
14' Sportspower 72 TR-14COM-PR6P
14' Sportspower TR-16803ES-WMC

  1. SPRING QUANTITY: COUNT HOW MANY SPRING HOLES IN THE FRAME FOR MORE ACCURACY. (Count how many springs you have, in good condition, recoiled and with lots of tension. You may be missing springs or want more tension)
  2. SPRING LENGTH: TAKE A SPRING OFF THE TRAMPOLINE & MEASURE IT; INCLUDING THE HOOKS, TO DETERMINE THE CORRECT LENGTH. (The spring coils must be fully recoiled to obtain the proper length.)

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