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5.5" SKYWALKER Springs (Set of 12)

5.5" SKYWALKER Springs (Set of 12)

  • Sold as a Set of 12
  • Color: Silver
  • Length: 5.5"
  • Must use Skywalker springs due to unique design
  • Fits Models:
    • STSC10RE
    • SPTC10G
    • STSC8RE
    • SPTC8G
    • STCW10N
    • SWTC8*
    • SWTC10*
    • SWTC12X
    • SWTC1000
    • STEC12
How to Measure Springs
  1. Take the spring OFF the trampoline
  2. Make sure spring is fully recoiled
    (no light between the coils)
  3. Measure the full length of the spring from hook-end to hook-end

List Price: $50.00
Our Price $43.95
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