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5 Ways To Make Your Trampoline Frame Pad Last Longer

1.) Donít Let the Kids sit/stand or play with the frame pads. The pad is a preventive in case the kids land too close to the frame.

2.) Donít use any chemicals on your frame pads.

3.) Donít tie your pads too tight. If strong winds come it can very well pull up the pads and therefore pull out the straps if tied too tightly.

4.) If you have an enclosure, lift up the skirt where the pole is or cut out the skirt area at the pole. If the pole lays against the skirt there will be too much strain on the pads and can cause the skirt seam too rip.

5.) Keep all animals away from the trampoline. Something about the dogs and pads they are very appealing (our # 1 Complaint). My dog ate my pads. Seriously!!