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14' Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline

14' Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline

12' Coming Soon

Create a landscape design that will enhance the value of your home.  Since the Pro-Line in-ground trampoline is just a step above the lawn instead of 3 feet off the ground, a safety enclosure is no longer required.  Also, the design of this trampoline reqires minimal soil remval making it easy for home owners to install with or without the use of professionals.  The 12' Pro-Line in ground trampoline uses 80 galvanized steel springs while the 14' uses 96.

Advantages of Pro-Line's In-Ground Trampoline:

  • Improved backyard appearance
    • Lower profile and comes in 3 color options
    • An ideal complement to any landscape design
  • Lower Cost
    • Fewer components, easy in-ground installation
    • 10 year warranty on all Pro-Line Trampolines
  • Minimal site preparation
    • DIY-Either the home owner or a lawn care professional can very simply install
  • Fewer Safety Considerations
    • Close to the ground, making injuries less common
    • Securely anchored to the ground, preventing it from blowing or tipping during storms
  • Greater Accessibility
    • Adults and children can easily step on and off the trampoline

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