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Foam - 44" - for the Trampoline Enclosure Poles (set of 6)

Foam - 44" - for the Trampoline Enclosure Poles (set of 6)

Minimum of 6 foam sections (44" long sections) are required. Additional quantities to choose from with discounts is provided.

This size foam length is mostly designed for Jumpking Unibody/arched poles. Each arch takes 5 foam sections of the 44" lengths. Some enclosures only have two arches, others have 3 arches, or 4, etc... Count how many arches you have. If you have 4 arches, you will need a total of 20 foam sections. The foam is 5/8" thick.

This 44" long pole foam sleeve also may fit many other enclosure poles. Other pole foam sleeves may come in different lengths such as 35". Determine what quantity you need to cover your poles and order accordingly. The foam can be easily trimmed to fit the length you need.

Other trampoline enclosures that this foam padding will fit are Jumpsport, Leisure Kingdom, Skybouncer, American Outdoor Products, Parkside and Hedstrom.

EXAMPLE: The 8' Hedstrom had 2 different models. The 11308 & 10850 (sold with trampoline) •Model#11308 - part#'s 425-3014 (20" long), 425-3015 (40" long) took 1 foam of each length for each pole. •Model#10850 - part#'s 425-3007 (59" long) took 1 foam per pole

So calculate the total length you need and quantity of foam sections and trim off the excess.

Foam cushion sleeve slides over the trampoline enclosure pole and provides protection.

Shipping is included. (Alaska, Hawaii and International, please email request for shipping quote.)

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