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Silver Springs for the 13' X 13' SKYWALKER Trampoline (Qty 12)

Silver Springs for the 13' X 13' SKYWALKER Trampoline (Qty 12)

Square Springs for 13'x 13' Skywalker Trampoline

This trampoline takes gold and silver springs.

A complete 13' Square Skywalker trampoline takes 72 silver springs and 12 gold springs....a total of 84 springs.

Gold Springs - The gold colored springs are 8"inch in length use a total of 12 springs. These are placed in the center of the frame on each side. The hook on one end is slightly extended.

Silver Springs - The silver colored springs are 7 1/2"inch in length and use a total of 72 springs. The hooks on both ends are slightley extended.

SPRING LENGTH: TAKE A SPRING OFF THE TRAMPOLINE & MEASURE IT; INCLUDING THE HOOKS, TO DETERMINE THE CORRECT LENGTH. (The spring coils must be fully recoiled to obtain the proper length.)

New springs will fade, loose their shine when exposed to sun, rain, weather.

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