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Diggin' Active HopHop Children's Trampoline

Diggin' Active HopHop Children's Trampoline

The Diggin HopHop Trampoline is an ideal first trampoline for little ones. Kids can hop and bounce on the trampolines mesh surface while steadying themselves with the easy-to-grip safety bar. Recommended for children 12 months and older, the HopHop trampoline helps children to build strength and coordination while having fun. With a simple design and sturdy metal base, the HopHop trampoline is simple to construct. The base is covered in soft foam padding to make sure your child is safe, and the legs are capped with rubber feet, so you can use the HopHop trampoline both indoors and outdoors. The recommended age is 12 months and the weight limit is 45 pounds.

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