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Spaceball Trampoline Game - DISCONTINUED

Spaceball Trampoline Game - DISCONTINUED


Spaceball Trampoline Game

Want to experience basketball as if you were in space? Spaceball allows a zero gravity feeling on a trampoline with the same footage as a round 14' trampoline.

Bounce off the backboards and soar higher than you ever thought possible to sink that ball through the top of the next before your opponent grabs a hold of it.


The goal of the game is to throw the ball through the basket in a way which makes the opponent drop the ball. You can time your bouncing or fake a throw to offset your opponent's ability to catch the ball. The serve always goes to the person who lost the last point.

With the introduction of George Nissen's latest design everyone can enjoy Spaceball for hours of fun. Initially, NASA Astronauts played Spaceball for exercise to condition their bodies for space travel. Spaceball has much more to offer than a regular trampoline. This should ship out in 2 or 3 boxes, each weighing approximately 160 lbs.

Other sizes are being made for smaller children. Enclosure safety side nets are also being added for future models.

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