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Trampoline Safety Pad for a 16' Round trampoline - Deluxe

Trampoline Safety Pad for a 16' Round trampoline - Deluxe

  • 1" thick high impact polyethylene foam
  • 14 oz vinyl
  • Width: 12"
  • 3" Skirt hangs over the frame
  • Bungee straps wrap around the frame
  • Custom made pads MADE IN TEXAS
  • 1 Year Warranty against dry rot
  • 1 Year Warranty against coming unstitched
  • No warranty for damage due to improper installation
  • Colors to choose from:
    • Blue
    • Hunter Green


  1. The pad is a protection in case someone lands too close to the frame. Don't Let ANYONE sit/stand on or play with the frame pads. The spring action underneath will rub through the vinyl IF the pressure of someone is sitting or standing on the pad while someone else jumps.
  2. Don't use any chemicals such as Armor All on your frame pads. You can purchase a vinyl cleaner/conditioner to clean and keep from drying out the vinyl during the hotter months.
  3. Don't tie your pads too tight. If strong winds come it can very well pull up the pads and therefore pull out the straps if tied too tightly.
  4. If you have an enclosure, lift up the skirt where the pole is or cut out the skirt area at the pole. If the pole lays against the skirt there will be too much strain on the pads and can cause the skirt seam to rip.
  5. Keep all animals away from the trampoline. Something about the pads the dogs find very appealing (our # 1 Complaint). My dog ate my pads. Seriously!!

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List Price: $240.90
Our Price $207.90
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