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Enclosure Netting for the 8' Upper Bounce - Inside Pad - 4 Pole

Enclosure Netting for the 8' Upper Bounce - Inside Pad - 4 Pole

8' Upper Bounce Enclosure Net - Inside Pad

Please make sure you are buying the right size safety enclosure net for your trampoline!
Measure your frame from one outside edge vertically & horizontally to the other outside edge so you get the correct measurements.


  • 8' frame netting that connects to the inside of the frame pad and is compatible with the 4 poles - UBNET-8-4-IS

    • Creates a fun jumping experience without limiting visibility
    • Special sleeves from top quality oxford material to ensure maximum safety
    • Upper Bounce "Sleeves on Poles"
      • Net connects to trampoline by covering the poles with sleeves
      • Gives you more area space to jump and enjoy!
    • Highly durable Terylene-Quality Safety Net and easy to install
    • Dual closure entry with zipper and buckles
    • Fits Frame size of 8 FT.
    • Fits 4 pole model
    • Net width 72"
    • Net Height  65"
    • 90 Day Warranty

    List Price: $86.90
    Part #