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Urban Rebounder Folding Exercise Trampoline

Urban Rebounder Folding Exercise Trampoline



Selected as a top fitness product by a leading consumer magazine New 1/4 fold trampoline workout system designed to melt away fat and inches; borrows from martial arts and core abdominal postures to keep you fit Strengthens your core and improves your balance and coordination Includes commercial-quality mini trampoline and stabilizing bar Mega DVD includes 6 motivational workouts; 300-pound capacity 9" from the ground, 35 pounds, 40" in diameter 300lb weight limit

The Urban Rebounding System is a total body workout you can do in your home. This system includes a commercial quality mini-trampoline, a stabilizing bar, and 6 different workouts on 1 mega DVD. You'll enjoy a rigorous, fun workout that melts away pounds without any pain or stress on your joints. Urban Rebounding also improves balance and coordination.


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