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13' AirZone Enclosure Parts

Net for 13' AirZone, Bravo Sports, and Variflex Enclosures
Upper Pole for Variflex, AirZone, Bravo Sports Enclosures
37" Gray Foam for AirZone & Variflex Enclosure Poles (Set of 8)
Washers for Variflex Enclosures (Set of 4)
Washers for Variflex Enclosures (Set of 4)List Price: $9.00OUR PRICE $1.00
Carriage Head Bolts (Set of 4)
Carriage Head Bolts (Set of 4)List Price: $15.00OUR PRICE $3.00
Lock Nut for Carriage Bolt (Set of 4)
Lock Nut for Carriage Bolt (Set of 4)List Price: $7.00OUR PRICE $1.20
End Cap for Variflex, AirZone, and Bravo Sports Enclosure
ScrewdriverList Price: $7.00OUR PRICE $2.00