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13' Round Trampoline Pad 8"inch Wide

13' Round Trampoline Pad 8"inch Wide

This round 13' trampoline frame pad is a must-have to ensure safety during jumping sessions.

The pad is made with nice quality blue vinyl and measures 8" wide.

It is a perfect fit for most brands that use 5'5 or 7" springs.

Thick and Durable: Measuring at 3/4" thick, this frame pad provides ample cushioning for extra protection.

Easy to Install:

The round shape of the pad fits seamlessly around the edges of the trampoline frame, making it hassle-free to install.

The high-quality materials used in this product ensure that it can withstand harsh weather conditions without fading or tearing easily.

With its superior design and construction, you can be sure that your trampoline will stay safe and reliable for a long time.

Make your backyard more fun with this excellent addition to your outdoor play equipment!

List Price: $75.90
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